CView ODBC for CADOL  

CView ODBC for CADOL opens CADOL data sources so that ODBC compliant 3rd party products can utilize CADOL data without import/export routines. CView ODBC drivers are available for VERSYSS CFAM, Flight-Ware CPS/CDF, and CtC CADOL files.

CView is an Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC) driver that has been developed specifically for CADOL applications. Microsoft Corporation has developed the ODBC technology as a standard way of sharing databases across applications. This standard has been incorporated into thousands of third party software applications and databases. Products such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, as well as Seagate's Crystal Reports, Cognos Impromptu, and IQ Software's IQ Objects all incorporate the ODBC standard.

CView instantly makes your application more "Microsoft friendly" and allows your customers to share data with a 3rd party application directly without changes to the existing environment, hard coding, or messy data exports. CView also offers you an opportunity to develop applications in a third party development tool while using the CView driver to access your CADOL data.

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