WaveCrest Data Replication

WaveCrest Data Replication software provides data copy and synchronization between systems. It is data type independent and will synchronize any type of data files. Synchronization is performed in a non-obtrusive manner and can occur while the files are being used. To reduce bandwidth requirements, the Replication software performs ‘smart synchronization’ and transfers the minimum amount of data required to synchronize the files.

The Data Replication software works to synchronize systems across the Internet and on internal networks. Administration and scheduling of replication is performed using a Web interface and can be set up on your web server or on ours.

Using our administration software, you can define lists of sites that you will transfer to/from, lists of files that will be transferred, and set up a schedule for these sites and files. For example, if you have files that must be transferred from your central office to a set of remote sites, you can define the sites in a site list, the files in a file list, and schedule this transfer to run as often as required. You can define as many file lists, site lists and scheduled transfers as required.

Data can be transferred between machines using dial-up connections and behind firewalls. Your systems do not require a static IP address or ‘always on’ connection. Of course, for the files to transfer at a specific time as scheduled, your systems must be connected to the Internet at that time.

WaveCrest Software also provides this as a service running on our web server. Administration, scheduling, and replication can all be handled by our server for your computers connected to the Internet. We provide daily status reports via email and email alerts if a transfer fails for some reason.

For more information about our Data Replication technology please contact us at accounts@wavcrest.com

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