Spinnaker is a business application development framework for Java. The Spinnaker product provides solutions to the common challenges which Java programmers face in developing business applications using the Java language. It consists of Java classes and applications that are used to create powerful business applications. The Spinnaker product has been developed over the past four years and is used by developers across the country. We are continually adding to the product as our customers encounter new challenges and product requirements.

The Spinnaker software continues the Java tradition of providing full source for all Java classes. It contains packages for application screen development, database I/O, code generation, enterprise applications, XML, e-mail, and all of the other software which developers require to make your applications differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace.

In addition to providing software for developing new Java applications, WaveCrest Software has specialized in the re-engineering and integration of your legacy applications with your new applications. We provide database connectivity to your proprietary legacy data as well as the ability to call legacy code from your Java applications. By making use of our legacy connectivity software, you can use your existing business logic in your new applications.

Screen Development

Our GUI components extend Java's Swing objects. Our components provide many capabilities over and above Java's Swing components. They are data and forms aware and automate much of the functionality which applications require and would otherwise need to be coded by applications developers.

Database I/O

In addition to encapsulating the JDBC API, Spinnaker provides data source neutral classes which allow your application to use the same code to access data from any source, including JDBC, XML, native files, and others. Using Spinnaker's database classes, application developers can create applications which are database and data source independent. Applications are coded the same way regardless of the database or data source providing the data. Our clients have used a variety of databases including WaveCrest's CView, IBM’s DB2, Oracle, and MySql. They have also used data sources to access data from text files, XML, remote TCP/IP socket streams, and a variety of others.

Code Generation

A big factor in producing bug free code as quickly as possible is to eliminate repetitive work. To aid in this goal, we provide code generation wizards to automate the creation of commonly used classes such as data forms, search panels, and database tables.

Legacy Code Integration

WaveCrest Software specializes in working with clients that have existing applications that need to be modified to use Java technology. Through our legacy code interface technologies our clients can access their legacy application code from their Java applications. This reduces the amount of programming required to create the new application while reducing the frequency of new bugs due to rewriting the code. Spinnaker provides two mechanisms for accessing legacy code, they are Cable, and WaveCrest Legacy Services. Our Cable technology provides a proprietary API for setting legacy variables and files, running legacy programs, and retrieving variable values from the legacy code. WaveCrest Legacy Services provides a SOAP based mechanism for communicating with 'SOAP services' created from your legacy code.

Consulting Services

Spinnaker has been developed over the past three years in a real-world environment. Our technical team has many years of application development experience and has worked closely with application developers to provide the functionality that developers need to produce robust applications with a minimum of time and effort. WaveCrest Software provides consulting services to help your development team design and/or code your application.

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