Welcome to WaveCrest Software, providing high quality software development tools and services to software developers and businesses. We specialize in providing the technologies for upgrading legacy applications to the latest technology standards.

Our technical team provides a competitive edge for software development throughout the development cycle. Our clients find us to be an important asset in reaching their goals of providing state of the art software solutions.


 Our Products



The CView ODBC product opens CADOL data sources so that ODBC compliant 3rd party products can utilize CADOL data without export/import routines. CView ODBC drivers are available for VERSYSS CFAM, Flight-Ware CPS/CDF, and CtC CADOL files.



WaveCrest's Spinnaker software is a Java Application Development Framework. Our clients use Spinnaker to develop Java based Applications and to provide graphical front-ends to their legacy applications. Spinnaker based applications provide flexibility in deployment, and can be deployed as a PC based application, a traditional client/server application, or in an N tiered architecture.

Because Spinnaker is 100% Java compliant, Spinnaker based applications can take advantage of Java based technologies like EJB, Servlets, XML, SOAP, and others.



WaveCrest's Reflection software provides a true 'thin client' solution for your Java applications. Reflection projects your Java application from a UNIX or Windows Server onto a Windows PC Workstation. This technology allows the user to run your Java application on their workstation without installing the application or it's associated runtimes, database and other drivers on the workstation. The Reflection product is both AWT and SWING compatible and require no modifications to your software. It is designed to use low-bandwidth and can run effectively over a 56k dial-up connection.


Data Replication

WaveCrest's Data Replication software provides data copy and synchronization between systems. It is data type independent and will synchronize any type of data files. Synchronization is performed in a non-obtrusive manner and can occur while the files are being used. To reduce bandwidth requirements, the Replication software performs 'smart synchronization' and transfers the minimum amount of data required to synchronize the files.


Web Legacy Services

WaveCrest's Web Legacy Services software provides a language neutral platform for creating web 'services' from your legacy application. It is based on the SOAP standard and is 100% compatible with any SOAP enabled client. By using the Web Legacy Services platform, you can easily create callable services from your legacy application code. These services can be called from any client application. This promotes software reuse and preserves your investment in your proven application code.

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